Battle Rages Over Heath Ledger Drug Video

A video—in what is sure to be a long chain of posthumous “leaks” portending doom for Heath Ledger—has recently “surfaced.” The video, which allegedly shows “a guilt-ridden” Mr. Ledger at a party in L.A.’s Chateau Marmont on Jan. 29, 2006, will likely air tonight on Australia’s Channel 9, according to the Daily News. This broadcast plan from down under flies in the face of what the paper billed “an uproar from the Hollywood community.”

“I’m going to get serious shit from my girlfriend,” Mr. Ledger can apparently be heard saying to some friends in the video, referring to actress Michelle Williams . “We just had a baby three months ago.”

Aside from featuring the recently deceased actor confessing to habitually smoking pot for much of his life, a male partygoer is shown snorting what reportedly looks like drugs off a table. Entertainment Tonight aired teasers of the video on last night’s episode, claiming at the time that they would air the entire clip on tonight’s broadcast. But then the celeb-obsessed show backed off, locking up the tape which cost them a reported $200,000 to secure. Battle Rages Over Heath Ledger Drug Video