Bill Clinton on Obama, John Edwards on T.V.

Bill Clinton says he feels like Barack Obama is running against him, too. [CNN]

N.Y.R.A. gets another extension. [Times-Union]

Sources say Obama has pulled advertising from Tennessee. [Volunteer Voters]

Mitt Romney isn’t giving a decisive answer on the National Catastrophe Fund. [Q Blog]

The International Association of Firefighters is taking on Rudy Giuliani in Florida. [Washington Times]

Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, also Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, endorses Obama. [The Swamp]

The day after a pledge to suspend campaigning after the death of Darrell Aubertine’s father, opponent William Barclay started running negative ads. [Albany Project]

Fred Barnes thinks John McCain has alienated conservative Republicans too much, but Barnes seems ready to accept McCains’ apology, and thinks he sees it coming. [WSJ]

Reflecting on the debate, Michael Crowley wonders if John Edwards has become a barometer of which opponent is weaker. [The Stump]

Edwards and Hillary Clinton met privately backstage after last night’s debate. [CNN]

Rottenchester thinks everybody wins in the latest rounds of political posturing over passports in western New York. [Fighting 29th]

Edwards is going on Letterman tonight, and then on the Tyra Banks Show on Friday. [Politics on the Hudson]

And going after both his opponents in a new ad. [Liz] Bill Clinton on Obama, John Edwards on T.V.