Bill Clinton: Pro-Hillary But Not Anti-Obama

KINGSTREE, S.C.—In the Q&A session of a lovely talk by Bill Clinton (seriously!), an audience member took the microphone and said, “Black America is voting for Obama—a lot of blacks—because he’s black.” His concern was that then Obama would beat Clinton: “[Republicans] know they can’t beat Hillary but they can beat Obama.”

After the “mean things” he’s said about me, Mr. Clinton responded, “I should be the last person defending anybody.” But, he said, “I regret some of the acrimony in this campaign the last few days.”

“As an American,” he said, “I hope you’re not right.”

He said that the opposite was true: That he had met people who were voting for his wife because they wanted to pull the lever for a woman for president before they died.

At the start of the town meeting, he’d said “I dont mind when Hillary and Senator Obama argue… I think it’s important not to overreact to it.”

Bill Clinton: Pro-Hillary But Not Anti-Obama