Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger (and Sheekey?) Together Again

Michael Bloomberg’s office just announced he’s going west to see Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s also a fan of Kevin Sheekey (though the governor never managed to hire the Bloomberg aide).

The two will appear together in Los Angeles on January 19.

That’s also the day of the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada caucus.

Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger are political allies and have a number of parallels. They were featured together on the cover of Time last year, they both largely operate outside political parties (Bloomberg did when he belonged to one), and they both came back from very low approval ratings in their first terms to win re-elections by a landslide.

Both also work across the partisan aisle and focus on environmental issues.

Expect a round of Bloomberg-Schwarzenegger presidential "dream-team" stories.

Bloomberg will also be in Austin, Texas on January 18 with Lance Armstrong. Bloomberg and Schwarzenegger (and Sheekey?) Together Again