Bloomberg: Next President Should Be Able to Work With People, Like New York City Has

More on Bloomberg’s national outlook, from a press conference this morning by South Street Seaport:

Asked about the softening national economy, and whether voters ought to be looking for someone with business expertise, the mayor said, “What you have to do be able to attract good people. That would be my first argument.”

He noted that the head of any government ends up delegating the nuts-and-bolts of managing an economy to subordinates, and said, “You should ask yourself, among the candidates who are running for office, one of them will be selected President of the United States, how are they going to attract good people? How are they going to get people to work together? You’ve got to get both sides of the aisle as well as both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue working together.”

He continued, “New York City has done that. We’ve worked with a Republican senate, a Democratic legislature, and a Republican governor and a Democratic governor. And I think with George Pataki we did an awful lot together. With Eliot Spitzer, we do and will continue to do an awful lot together. You don’t have to have the expertise yourself.”

On leadership, he said, “I do think you have to understand how people behave, and what [incentivizes] them. You have to have an understanding of the world, the world we live in and how important overseas markets, and Democracies and other kinds of regimes, are. They influence us, they buy from us, they sell to us, they control the price of oil.”

Bloomberg said, “You should ask every candidate, what is their international expertise? How much do they know about the world? How much have they traveled over the years?” Bloomberg: Next President Should Be Able to Work With People, Like New York City Has