Bloomberg Praises Giuliani

Earlier today Michael Bloomberg praised Rudy Giuliani, who is widely expected to end his presidential campaign officially in a few hours:

“I said yesterday I respect Rudy for mounting an effort," the mayor said of his predecessor during a press conference at the Empire State Building. "I don’t know, whether he ends it today or continues, that’s his decision to make. But rather than sit around an complain, Rudy’s been out there and trying to tell people what he would do, what he thinks this country needs.”

Bloomberg, who was there to talk about a public awareness campaign to encourage paper recycling, went on, “When he was mayor of this city, he left it better than he found it. He gave us things to build on. Hopefully we will leave things for our successors to build on.

"And out of all the candidates on both sides of the aisle running, in the end, they’re all going to be disappointed except for one. And, you know, your heart has to go out to people who put themselves out there and face the press and face the public, invest their time and their energy and their reputations and I think Rudy has nothing to be ashamed of. He conducted himself well on the campaign.

"I don’t think you can accuse Rudy Giuliani of dirty tricks or trying to criticize his opponents. Rudy Giuliani stuck to pushing the things that he thought were important and, I think, that is the way a campaign should be conducted. And if he decides to drop out, I wish him well in whatever he decides to do afterwards. He’s a very competent guy. He works very hard.”

When asked what he would say about John Edwards, who has suspended his campaign today, Bloomberg said, “I’d say exactly the same thing." Bloomberg Praises Giuliani