Clinton Camp Says Obama Breaks Florida-Campaign Pledge

The Clinton campaign is accusing Barack Obama of violating the pledge that both candidates made not to campaign in Florida.

The charge, which comes days after an Obama campaign memo said Hillary “may be planning” to break the pledge by “inquiring about large venues and increased organizing activity,” stems from the fact that Obama’s national media buy for his new ad, “Inspiring,” includes Florida.

Here’s the Clinton memo:

The Obama campaign today began airing paid television advertisements in a national cable buy that include advertising in the state of Florida. There is no question that these ads are a clear and blatant violation of the early-state pledge that Senator Obama and the other leading Democratic candidates signed last year.

The early state pledge was crystal clear in its prohibition against any kind of campaign activity (outside of fundraising) in states that do not adhere to the DNC calendar. There is no ambiguity. Among the list of prohibited activities are “electronic advertising that reaches a significant percentage of the voters in the aforementioned state.” (According to Nielsen, there are 6,6 million TV households in Florida that receive CNN through either local cable systems or satellite dishes. This represents 92% of all Florida TV households.) The Obama campaign knows this, but has chosen to violate the pledge regardless.

Just last week the Obama campaign snubbed the people of Florida in a memo that stated that Florida did not matter in the nominating process. After consecutive losses in New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada, they appear to be changing course.

Senator Obama’s flagrant disregard for the pledge that he signed is disturbing and calls the integrity of the pledge into question.

Clinton Camp Says Obama Breaks Florida-Campaign Pledge