Clinton Campaign Gets 'Rapid Responders' to Respond to 'Misleading Attacks'

Earlier today the Clinton campaign announced the launch of the "Rapid Responders," which they call "a national group of truth tellers who will respond to inaccurate or misleading attacks directed at Senator and President Clinton," along with a list of those "responders" for every state that will have a primary on February 5.

It echoes the Obama campaign’s "Truth Squad," which his campaign created last week to counter "incredible distortions" coming from "the Clinton campaign in particular," as Tom Daschle said on a conference call with reporters.

Clinton’s release doesn’t mention Obama by name, but it does say, "Hillary supporters who hear misleading or inaccurate statements made by her opponents are encouraged to contact the campaign."

The release also seems to indicate that the Clinton campaign won’t try to reduce Bill’s visibility after he drew criticism for overshadowing the campaign in South Carolina. By including the former President, it makes him seem as vulnerable to campaign-trail attacks as the candidate herself. Which may be true, but the release won’t dispel the idea that his role in the Clinton campaign is too large. Clinton Campaign Gets 'Rapid Responders' to Respond to 'Misleading Attacks'