Clinton Gets Two N.Y. Endorsements

Hillary Clinton picked up two endorsements in New York today. The first is from the the New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association (NYSPFFA), which her campaign just announced.

"I am incredibly proud to have the support of fire fighters from around the state," Clinton said in a public statement. "I have been honored to stand up for fire fighters as a senator and look forward to fighting for them as President."

The other, I’m told by a reader, is from Der Blatt, a Yiddish weekly newspaper.

UPDATE: A reader emails a rough translation of the Yiddish:

"Hasidic leaders from NYS urge you to vote for Sen Hillary Clinton and not to take it for granted. Her office is always open for any Jewish organization. What she needs is our help like she helped to preserve Jewish cemeteries in eastern Europe from being desecrated or help in securing funding for vital projects for our community or when our leaders need any help with any federal agency. She was all ways here and ready to help her office was accessible for our community. So now is the time to show our appreciation with taking the few minutes and going to vote for Hillary Clinton for president in the upcoming primary next week Tuesday Remember every vote counts."
Clinton Gets Two N.Y. Endorsements