Clintons and Friends Reunited for Sad End in S.C.

CHARLESTON, SC — Last night a bit after 9 p.m., Hillary and Bill Clinton were reunited. This took place in a convention center in North Charleston, and the ballroom was showing plenty of floor. The Clintons brought along all their pals, like Charlie Rangel and David Dinkins and David Patterson and Sheila Jackson-Lee (Texas, 18th District) and former South Carolina state Representative Lucille Whipper, and also a few white friends! She brought them on the stage, President Clinton provided a brief introduction, and then Hillary was given the space, all to herself, for a speech.

Senator Clinton recalled a car trip to Charleston many years ago, where they tossed young Chelsea in the trunk (or perhaps even the back seat) and drove on up–but in which old car? "Which one was it honey?" Clinton asked her husband. No matter. "It’s moments like that that really make life worth livin’," she said. Country bumpkin!

No one in the press row was transcribing her speech (which was one of her better, definitely, smooth and not shrill and in good voice). In her talk, she castigated a symbolic rich guy who works in "some hedge fund" for making much more money than regular people. Good thing her hedge-fund employed daughter wasn’t there! The Clinton bus reporters looked sad–they’d all put on ten pounds this week for this?–and some shook their heads when the speech was over. This party was deathly; the speech ended abruptly; it seemed a terrible way to go out. Clintons and Friends Reunited for Sad End in S.C.