Corzine backs up Clinton’s economic stimulus package

In a media conference call this afternoon with Gov. Jon Corzine and Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Sen. Hillary Clinton said the country needs a president who holds the American economy accountable.

"I'm hearing from people who lost their jobs in construction or even in the casinos," said Clinton, in a double nod to Nevada – where she's campaigning in advance of the Jan. 19th primary there – and New Jersey.

Corzine hailed Clinton's economic stimulus package as a strong reason, in his view, to support the Democratic presidential candidate.

"The program you have put down makes sense for someone running for president, or as a plan to right now have an impact on the economy," Corzine told Clinton. "You've laid out a great program here, and it ought to be accepted by the (Bush) administration."

Clinton's executive economic plan includes freezing interest rates for five years; establishing a $30 billion emergency housing crisis fund to help states and cities mitigate the effects of mounting foreclosures; imposing a 90-day moratorium on subprime foreclosures; securing more transparency from the mortgage industry; increasing the number of people who receive energy assistance with a $25 billion low income assistance program; and investing $5 billion to stimulate the country's green economy and to create green collar jobs.

The number one problem in New Jersey's economy is the depletion of wealth through declining home values, said the governor.

In an additional thumbs up for Clinton's healthcare reform package, Corzine said he appreciates her sense of the country's national healthcare crisis as he assesses a state budget in which $9 bilion is allocated for healthcare costs.

Corzine backs up Clinton’s economic stimulus package