Doherty says he’ll run for Senate if Lance wins

After standing alongside his state legislative running mate, State Sen. Leonard Lance, to endorse his congressional bid, Assemblyman Mike Doherty made it clear that, if Lance goes to Washington, he’d like to succeed him in the state Senate.

But the district’s other Assembly member, Marcia Karrow, would like to move up to the as well – and she has the advantage of being from the Hunterdon County, which dominates the 23rd legislative district. Doherty is from neighboring Warren County.

If Lance is sworn into Congress next January, the county committees from Warren and Hunterdon would hold a special election convention to replace him. That could mean that Karrow gets the nod, although Doherty insists that he would win a primary against Karrow, just like he did for an open seat in 2001.

“Marcia Karrow and I ran for an open seat in the 2001 Republican primary, and I defeated her,” said Doherty. “I’m not a big fan of the county committee process – it is what it is, but I’m confident I would win county committee.”

Doherty said that he told Karrow that he would run against her in the primary if he failed to get the committee’s nod.

“When I got out and campaign people don’t really care where you’re from……The only people who care about where you’re from are the ultimate insiders.”

Karrow could not immediately be reached for comment. Doherty says he’ll run for Senate if Lance wins