Duff: See Obama While You Still Can

A reader forwards this ebullient email from local Obama fund-raiser Patricia Duff:

Dear Friend,

We are witnessing a pivotal and exciting moment in the history of our country. I urge you to support the candidacy of Barack Obama, a man with an honest and important message of hope and unity for the future of America. Senator Obama will be speaking at the Grand Hyatt New York on Wednesday, January 9th. In a few short weeks it may be difficult to get an opportunity to see the candidate in a venue such as this. If you would like to attend the Sponsor Session which begins at 6:30pm, you will have the chance to take a photo with the Senator. These tickets are $2300 and nearly sold out. Please respond as quickly as possible if you would like to be a sponsor. The Friend Reception begins at 6:00pm, and offers a question and answer session with the Senator for $1,000 per person, and the General Reception begins at 7:00pm, at the cost of $500 per person. Please respond as quickly you can, as we may be able to take special care of you.

I look forward to seeing you at this exciting event,

Patricia Duff

Duff: See Obama While You Still Can