Edwards Bundler Laments Slim Pickings

John Edwards tried to rally donors today by arguing that the media was actively ignoring him and that people needed to send in their checks to remind the press that he was still, you know, running.

But it’s not clear the money will be there for him.

I spoke to one of his fund-raisers in New York today who said that the well of enthusiasm for Edwards among proven givers had in large part dried up.

"Let’s face it, I don’t know that people coming in behind the front two are able to raise money as successfully as the front two," said the bundler, referring to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The fund-raiser also expressed aggravation with Democratic voters for overlooking what the Edwards campaign has presented as his superior electability. "It seems like we Democrats think we are picking not the nominee but our president," the fund-raiser said. Edwards Bundler Laments Slim Pickings