Elsewhere: Bruno on Giuliani, Sharpton on Clinton, Tedisco on Spitzer

Rudy Giuliani still has Joe Bruno.

During an appearance on The View, Al Sharpton said Bill Clinton should "shut up."

Barack Obama courts the Jewish vote.

John McCain’s ambivalence on Samuel Alito scares conservatives.

The Romney campaign now says robocalls are being made against them.

After a day of mutual attacks, Romney says he is totally not going to be McCain’s vice president.

John Edwards has a new plan.

Mike Gravel says “there is no hope for change.”

Ben notes another Clinton campaign mention of the American Samoa primary.

Ted Kennedy officially endorses Obama, saying “I feel change in the air, what about you?”

Mike Huckabee has left Florida.

One of the less-discussed congestion pricing plans would make public transportation free–and driving really expensive.

A former director of the Christian Coalition endorses Romney.

In the comments section, Leticia P. Carlos says for Democrats, it’s all about winning the White House.

Chris Smith’s New York Sheekey story has a detail about the significance of the date the mayor left the Republican party that reporters missed when it happened.

Jisha Dymond notes when lobbyists have to file paperwork with city and state officials.

Brian Williams and other reporters lunch with George W. Bush.

Eliot Spitzer is against Thruway toll increases, he has finally said.

Jim Tedisco is taking credit for his decision.

David Plouffe says Florida is a “non event.”

A reliable mock convention (seriously) picks Hillary.

And in a town in Vermont, some residents are voting on whether to arrest the President. Elsewhere: Bruno on Giuliani, Sharpton on Clinton, Tedisco on Spitzer