Elsewhere: Endorsement, Catastrophe, the Beirut of Republican Politics

The Giuliani campaign has officially announced the formation of the Catastrophe Advisory Committee.

But is definitely not banking on Michigan.

Which, if you didn’t know before, is the “Beirut of Republican politics,” and here’s an example of why.

California Congressman George Miller, a close ally of Nancy Pelosi, is endorsing Obama.

As does South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson.

Ron Paul endorses a candidate for Senate. In New Jersey.

The senior Democrat in the Nevada Senate endorses Hillary Clinton.

Jon Powers keeps picking up local endorsements.

It’s Anthony Weiner versus Kathy Wylde on congestion pricing.

Richardson dropped out of the race because it wouldn’t do the campaign any good to “get our a** kicked in Nevada,” according to an aide.

John Edwards goes to third place in North Carolina.

Darrel Aubertine is on the air with an ad.

Where does a movie start and an attack ad begin?

Jim Tedisco blogs about himself.

Betsy Gotbaum says she’ll probably decide by the summer what citywide office she’ll run for.

In the meantime, she has this new web site about schools.

In the comments section Anonymous writes, “with articles like ‘Last Stop for the Bloomberg ’08 Express’ showing up here, the Journal, the Times, and most other major national political publications, the Mayor was losing the credible threat of running for President that was keeping him from being a lame duck.”

Being a young Democrat is fun, this guy says.

And above, Tom Suozzi says hello.

Elsewhere: Endorsement, Catastrophe, the Beirut of Republican Politics