Elsewhere: State of Upstate, Clinton Strategy, Campaign Finance

Eliot Spitzer talked about universal broadband, taxes and alternative energy at the State of Upstate. Robert Harding at the Albany Project was impressed.

Even Jim Tedisco liked it.

Tonight on NBC, Hillary Clinton will say she may have been working too hard to make the case that she could be President at the beginning of the campaign.

Karl Rove talks about how to beat Barack Obama and Clinton.

Christine Quinn’s fight to recycle plastic bags gets picked up by CNN.

Glenn Thrush takes a cynical view of the Clinton-Obama truce, and writes, “David Axelrod ain’t smoking the peace pipe.”

Ben remarks on another Ronald Reagan name-drop, this time by Obama.

The Las Vegas Sun has a glowing review of Clinton’s debate performance.

The Post and Courier blog wonders who in South Carolina is tired of campaign calls.

Michael Scherer writes about push-polls in the Palmetto State.

Sally Goldenberg compares fund-raising numbers for Staten Island Borough President candidates Jimmy Oddo and Mike McMahon.

Eliot Spitzer hires a reporter.

Obama won the straw poll in Montclair, New Jersey, according to a diarist on Blue Jersey.

Independence Party members in Minnesota join the Draft Bloomberg movement.

David Plouffe is toning down expectations for Nevada.

Liz looks at the finances behind the Aubertine-Barclay election.

According to TechPresident, Obama’s grassroots organizing online is much better than his opponents’.

Jesse Jackson thinks Democrats should save some of their passion for the general election.

Curbed has a color-coded map showing new parking areas near Yankee Stadium (there are a lot).

Obama is going to Westchester this weekend.

John Kerry will be in Nevada for Obama.

S.U.N.Y. isn’t sure about the governor’s plan to not raise tuition.

In the comments section, Yoda speculates that Tim Russert may have dropped Michael Bloomberg’s name because the newscaster worked for Daniel Moynihan, as did Kevin Sheekey.

And pictured above is Rudy Giuliani speaking to state troopers at Disneyworld.

Elsewhere: State of Upstate, Clinton Strategy, Campaign Finance