Ferriero on Clinton’s visit

Insiders have said that Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero was prepared to endorse Hillary Clinton for president – but not without her coming to accept the endorsement in person.

If that’s true, Ferriero got his wish with what he says is Clinton’s upcoming visit to Bergen County on January 23rd, although the Clinton campaign said that no date has yet been confirmed. But Ferriero said that his late timing has nothing to do with him appearing at a podium with Clinton, and everything to do with getting voters excited.

“I think it’s important to certainly focus the voters’ attention in New Jersey. I think by timing it only a few weeks before the primary gives her a certain amount of momentum going into the election,” he said. “She’ll be going to various different states and this will probably be the only major event she’ll be in the state for before the primary.”

Ferriero said that the organization would devote resources to the Clinton camp, but wouldn’t say how much.

“We are going to do what I believe the Bergen County Democratic Organization does best, and that is undertake an extensive get out the vote effort,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Ferriero’s backyard, rabbi/psychologist Dennis Shulman, a long shot fifth district Democratic congressional candidate from Bergen County, has already raised $200,000 to take on Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett. Also vying for a shot at the Democratic nomination is Camille Abate, who ran in 2006.

“I wouldn’t say I’m impressed, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction,” said Ferriero of Shulman’s coffers.

In 2006, the Bergen County Democratic Organization gave Abate opponent Paul Stuart Aronsohn the line in this county that has the majority of the Republican-leaning congressional district’s population and an even greater chunk of its Democratic voters. Right now, Ferriero said, it’s too early to tell who he will endorse, and that it may not be either Shulman or Abate.

“I can tell you that both he and Abate are not the only individuals who have expressed interest in running in the 5th congressional district, so it’s a little early to tell where our county organization will be going,” said Ferriero, who did not mention the names of any other potential candidates. Ferriero on Clinton’s visit