For Bloomberg Drafters, the Word is 'Proven'

Doug Bailey,who is launching a new Draft Bloomberg committee, says getting the mayor on the ballot isn’t his problem.

“We’re not in the ballot access business at all," said Bailey, who was one of the founders of Unity08. "That is not our goal. We don’t have anything whatsoever to do with that.

"Our job, as we see it, the one that we have defined for ourselves here, is to maximize the public awareness and presence of the potential of the Bloomberg candidacy," Bailey told me, "so that he can hear from the people on the subject.”

Getting Bloomberg on the ballot, he said, “is somebody else’s responsibility.”

That means, for anybody keeping track, that it looks like ballot access is what Frank MacKay of the Independence Party is most concerned with, while Doug Bailey and Jerry Rafshoon (another recently departed founder of Unity08) are heading up the publicity.

When I asked Bailey about a possible slogan for the campaign, he said, “Well, the word that keeps coming back to me in my head, and I don’t mean this as some kind of bumper sticker or ad, but the word is ‘proven.’ He has done in New York City what needs to be done in Washington D.C. to make the system work. He is a proven administrator. He is a proven, successful problem solver. He’s proved it in private business. He proved it in philanthropy. He’s proved it in public life."

Bailey added, "That’s pretty good for a country that has a lot of problems.” For Bloomberg Drafters, the Word is 'Proven'