Fund-Raising for Spitzer and Cuomo

Here are the latest fund-raising numbers for Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo.

Spitzer raised $3,246,526.82, and spent $1,810,720.60. At the moment, Spitzer has $2,914,230.93.

During that same 6-month period, Andrew Cuomo raised $531,275.34, and spent $193,837.78. Cuomo has $1,141,321.30 on hand.

In a quick scan of contributions, it appears that Spitzer is adhering to his self-imposed contribution limit of $10,000. Cuomo’s limit is slightly higher for his contributors, at $12,500, with some exceptions.

Steve Roth, Aby Rosen, Michael Fuchs, Carl Icahn all gave Cuomo $25,000 (which Cuomo’s people have said is acceptable because half is eligible for the primary and half for the general election).

Fund-Raising for Spitzer and Cuomo