Giuliani Raises Volume on Catastrophe Fund

Rudy Giuliani is out with a new web video specifically advertising his support for a national catastrophe fund and drawing attention to the fact that “some” of his opponents do not favor it. The spot is complete with vintage footage of hurricane damage (not Katrina) and of Rudy in a dust mask and F.D.N.Y. hat after 9/11.

For the record, Mitt Romney said yesterday that a national catastrophe fund “makes sense” to him, but stopped short of promising one. Mike Huckabee said something along the same lines. But John McCain, seen now as Giuliani’s greatest foe in Florida, opposes the fund and wants to work on national disasters from within F.E.M.A.

Giuliani’s support of the national catastrophe fund is, now that he’s lagging in the polls, probably one of his greatest strengths among Florida voters. Governor Charlie Crist, who has yet to give out his coveted endorsement, is a huge proponent. Giuliani Raises Volume on Catastrophe Fund