Giuliani Says He 'Intends' to Be in Post-Florida Debate

In a quick press conference on the press plane that is taking Rudy Giuliani around Florida for some 11th hour campaigning (almost all in airport hangars or on tarmacs), the former mayor said that no matter the result of tomorrow’s make-or-break primary, he intends to participate in Wednesday’s Republican debate in California.

“We fully intend to participate in the debate,” said Giuliani, when asked if he would attend “regardless” of how he fares in the primary.

When asked if he ever expected to be behind in Florida–a place his campaign judged to be supportive enough to bet Giuliani’s entire candidacy on his success here–he said “What we saw coming was a very close race in Florida, and we think it will be a very close race in Florida and we think we will win and we’ll be able to turn it around.”

Standing between Texas Governor Rick Perry, who wore cowboy boots embossed with the image of his home state, and his wife Judy, who wore a sparkling Rudy pin on her white sweater and smiled a glossy, pink-lipped smile throughout his remarks, Giuliani put on the bravest face possible given his narrow chances.

“The winner of Florida will win the nomination,” he said. “And we’re going to win Florida.”

Giuliani Says He 'Intends' to Be in Post-Florida Debate