His and Hearst: Loopy Lydia Dallies With Prep-School Pal

Heiress and socialite Lydia Hearst, who had been linked with musician Cisco Adler, has a new man. She met Joe Barney, né Joe Freimuth, also an aspiring musician, at their Wilton High School five-year reunion. “They ran in a similar crowd in high school and just sort of reunited,” a source said. “They’ve been together ever since.”

As for the skeleton key tattoo she got on her forearm, a symbol of membership to “2.0,” a society of creative types led by Mr. Adler and fashioned after Andy Warhol’s Factory? “She still loves her little tattoo,” the source said. “And she loved hanging out with that group.”

Mr. Adler admitted, however, that 2.0 “was really just a publicity stunt. I mean we got a picture of ourselves dressed in drag in The Post. What’s better than that?”

“Why would you ever think I would regret my tattoo and joining the 2.0?” Ms. Hearst asked the Transom from a fashion shoot in Milan. “Those are all my best friends. We’re still all working on our books, we’re going to self-publish.” Of her new man, she said: “He has an album coming out. I’m very happy.” His and Hearst: Loopy Lydia Dallies With Prep-School Pal