How to fill the Lance seat, if necessary

If Leonard Lance wins his race for Congress this year, there would be three separate elections to fill his seat in the State Senate.

The first contest would be a Special Election Convention, held by the Republican County Committee in Hunterdon and Warren counties 7 to 35 days after Lance resigns. In that race, there are 216 possible votes from Hunterdon and 180 from Warren — if all County Committee seats are filled.

If a member of the State Assembly were to win the Senate seat, there would be a second Special Election to fill that vacancy.

Additionally, Democrats and Republicans would have a primary for State Senate in June 2009. The primary winners would face off in a November 2009 Special Election, and the victor in that contest would fill the remaining 26 months of Lance’s Senate term.

The winner of a Special Election Convention for State Assembly would fill the remainder of the unexpired term, serving until January 2010, with no 2009 Special Election.

How to fill the Lance seat, if necessary