In the Observer: Sheekey, Clinton, Thatcher

Azi tracks, and finds, the elusive Kevin Sheekey.

The choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is pitting friend against friend, and husband against wife, say Gillian Reagan and Lizzy Ratner. As one veteran political activist observes about this year’s presidential primary in New York City, “since 1968, I have not seen this kind of emotional intensity.”

Steve Kornacki writes that the apparent downfall of Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy, which was predicted by many, has come about for different reasons than observers thought it would. 

Jason Horowitz talks to Clinton and Obama’s top economy people–Goolsbee and Sperling–who have quickly become “the key advisers upon whom the hopes of the candidates hinge.” 

Niall Stanage remembers–in the wake of the Clinton-Obama Ronald Reagan flap–how last fall, the Clinton campaign made numerous mentions of Margaret Thatcher, a comparison Hillary may want to avoid.

And Eliot Brown takes a look at the role of real estate money in the next mayoral electionIn the Observer: Sheekey, Clinton, Thatcher