New York Post Editorial Writer A Stand-Up Guy


Robert A. George is an associate editor for the New York Post’s editorial page and he needs your help. He’s performing stand-up comedy tonight at the New York Comedy Club on East 24th Street and he sent out an e-mail to friends and supporters:

This is the first round of their “New Year/New Talent” contest”! To make the event successful, I’m obliged to help pack the place with loud and supportive friends (or at least loud and heavily drinking)!! If I’m picked as their best new comic, I get free stage time throughout the year, thus polishing my craft and serioiusly reducing the need to send out these annoying e-mails begging you to come to my show!

In the spirit of helping out, Media Mob reached Mr. George by phone and asked for some material.

“This is my usual opening line. It’s some variation of, ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen! One of the reasons I just love New York is because of the city’s diversity. I’d like to give a shoutout to fellow Catholic West Indian Black Republicans. Okay, don’t all stand up at once,'” he said.

Also: “I, like many other people, are not satisfied with the current presidential field. So I’ve taken the plunge myself and I’m going to run. I have many of the same qualities of some of the people running. For example, Barack Obama is white on his mother’s side and African on his father’s side. I’m also bi-racial. Yeah, I’m black on my trinidadian side, and white on my republican side.”

Mr. George said he had another very good joke but that he didn’t want to blow the punch-line for tonight’s show.

New York Post Editorial Writer A Stand-Up Guy