Ivy Cutting: Howard Stern to Fork Up for Wacky Supersonic's On-Air Boob Job

Party promoter and sometimes milliner Ivy Supersonic, a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, has just landed a lucky, albeit unorthodox, deal with the shock jock. Mr. Stern has agreed to foot the bill for Ms. Supersonic’s imminent breast enlargement surgery. But there’s a catch. Steven Davis, a New Jersey-based plastic surgeon Ms. Supersonic visited on Friday, Jan. 18, for a preliminary mammary exam, requested that the procedure air on Mr. Stern’s Sirius radio show and on Howard TV, an On Demand channel. Without haste, Ms. Supersonic agreed and is now itching to go under the knife.

“I’m trying not to think about it,” she told the Transom by phone. “When you go for surgery, it’s on your mind; you’re thinking; you’re nervous; you’re worried. For me, it’s like, ‘Just do it this second and I’ll save all that worrying!’”

The downtown denizen, 40, claimed to have never had any kind of cosmetic surgery before—but hey, no time like the present. “I’ve lived half my life already—what’s the difference?” she declared. “Nothing is off limits.” Ms. Supersonic is particularly eager, she added, to have some of her 30-odd tattoos removed and, if opportunity knocks, a nose augmentation too. (As of yet, Mr. Davis’ office has declined to perform the latter procedures gratis.)

“Guys always tell me that I’m, like, a double-zero [bra size], I’d be so cute if I got a boob job,” said Ms. Supersonic, 5-foot-2 and currently a 32 A-cup, before adding nonchalantly: “All my girlfriends have had it done. I mean, whatever!”

One of those girlfriends is California-based porn star Houston, who, Ms. Supersonic explained, suffered an incident in her presence that nearly steered her away from having any surgery at all. “I was at [Houston]’s house and her boobs broke,” said her friend, assuming a solemn tome. “Silicone can break and kill you; hers broke like three times. But this doctor explained to me how silicone now is something completely different than it used to be.”

Such reassurance aside, Ms. Supersonic said she is always wary of medical procedures because her late father was a malpractice attorney. When he died two years ago—“It was a malpractice thing and I’m suing”—she lost “a massive amount of weight,” dropping from 118 to 96 pounds. She gained much of that weight back, but lost it again when she was sent to jail in November for vandalizing the facade of Plumm, a nightclub on 14th St that, Ms. Supersonic claims, never paid her for her services.



  Ivy Cutting: Howard Stern to Fork Up for Wacky Supersonic's On-Air Boob Job