Johnson Apologizes, Spitzer Stays Neutral

Bob Johnson writes a letter of apology to Barack Obama. [The Page]

After criticizing John Edwards for allowing independent labor ads in his favor, Obama has done something similar. [Ben]

Brad Aaron thinks some major arguments against congestion pricing have been refuted. [Streetsblog]

New York State has lost a lot of people, and a lot of congressional districts, in the last decades. [Buffalo Pundit

Eliot Spitzer is staying out of the special election between Darrel Aubertine and Will Barclay. [Albany Project]

He is also giving $50 million to the University of Rochester. [Democrat & Chronicle]

Andrew Cuomo is making several large corporations pay for failing to do environmental cleanup. [AP]

And State Senator John Boncacic wants to know why the Hudson Valley was left out of Spitzer’s State of Upstate. [Daily Freeman

  Johnson Apologizes, Spitzer Stays Neutral