Kerry, Edwards, Cuomo, Obama, Koblin

In endorsing Barack Obama, John Kerry invokes Martin Luther King, Jr., and says, “I believe more than anyone else, Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America moving by uniting and ending the division we have faced.” [AP]

John Edwards takes the opportunity to say, “this election is about the future, not the past, and that the country needs a President who will fight aggressively to end the status quo.” [John Edwards]

Obama made $700,000 in the New York area yesterday. He also said “the status quo will dig in, it has resources, it has power” in explaining New Hampshire. [ABC]

Ben thinks Andrew Cuomo could have chosen better words to describe why Hillary Clinton beat Obama. [Politico]

Cuomo subpoenaed Intel. [WSJ] [subscription]

Natpol has more on the polling the primaries, Bloomberg included. [Room Eight]

An editorial in the Detroit Free Press says Mitt Romney is the best choice for conservation of the Great Lakes. [DFP]

And in New Hampshire, John Koblin slept in his clothes. [Choire Sicha]

Kerry, Edwards, Cuomo, Obama, Koblin