Leno Gives NBC a Pass

On the night of Jan. 7, NBC’s Jay Leno interviewed Republican candidate for president Ron Paul on the Tonight Show. During the course of the interview, Mr. Leno noted that Mr. Paul had recently been “screwed over” by FOX News execs, who had decided not to invite Mr. Paul to participate in the Republican Forum the night before.

“I’m trying to figure out why FOX News chose not to put you on,” said Mr. Leno. “I mean, I might not necessarily agree with you, but I think, as an American, we like to see everybody get an equal shot."

But, as it turns out, Mr. Leno’s ardent belief in political inclusiveness is not all that, um, inclusive.

To wit: Last week, when presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich was publicly battling with NBC executives over their decision to exclude Mr. Kucinich from the Jan. 15 debates, Mr. Leno was a touch more forgiving of his bosses at NBC.

“NBC did not invite Dennis to tonight’s Democratic debate in Nevada,” said Mr. Leno. "Although, to be fair – they did invite his hot wife.”

Cue the laugh track. Leno Gives NBC a Pass