Lonegan says A.G. investigating him as retribution

Conservative activist Steve Lonegan says the state Attorney General is investigating him, alleging that while he has not been contacted, records from the Bogota Borough Hall have been subpoenaed and six unnamed associates of the former Mayor have been interviewed.

The former Bogota mayor said he suspects that the investigation is political retribution, and began during his campaign against a ballot initiative supported by Gov. Jon Corzine.

"I'm not afraid of Jon Corzine. I'm not afraid of the Attorney General’s office. They can come up with all kinds of phony claims if they want and intend to do so,” said Lonegan. “I challenge them to come out of the shadows and tell us what they're all about.”

He also said he was requesting that the federal Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney Chris Christie conduct an independent invetigation into this case.

Lonegan is calling for the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate Corzine and Attorney General Anne Milgram, and wants Chistie to look a potential violations of Lonegan's civil rights

"We don't comment on investigations, and the attorney general has made clear that politics plays absolutely no role in her office and it's something she does not tolerate," said David Wald, a spokesman for Milgram. Lonegan says A.G. investigating him as retribution