McCain beats Giuliani 2-1 in Atlantic County straw poll

In an Atlantic County Republican Committee straw poll this morning, Sen. John McCain bested former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani by a vote of 34-17, according to chairman Keith Davis.

In third place, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney received 10 votes, followed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with seven votes and U.S. Rep Ron Paul with two votes.

"This is a confirmation that conservative Republicans are rallying around McCain's message," said Davis, who endorsedthe Arizona senator last summer.

Almost 200 people attended the event,said Davis, which was held in the Cologne Firehouse in Hamilton Township.

"A lot of eyes are on Florida right now," said Davis. "This straw poll was indicative of what I get from a lot of Republicans I talk to, which is that if Giuliani gets out of the race, or if he performs poorly in Florida, Giulianisupporters will throw their support to McCain."

Sen. Bill Baroni, the McCain campaign'sstate director,spoke on McCain's behalfat the event.

U.S. Senate candidates Anne Estabrook and Murray Sabrin also addressed the crowd, Davis said. McCain beats Giuliani 2-1 in Atlantic County straw poll