Moving Heaven and Earth for Hillary on Super Tuesday

How important is Super Tuesday?

Very, according to this email from Fred Hochberg, a Hillary Clinton fund-raiser and former Clinton cabinet member, that a reader forwarded last night.

Are you ready?

There are six days until Super Tuesday. God made the Heavens and the Earth in that time. And now we have to move Heaven and Earth to guarantee Hillary’s victory.
Tuesday is going to be the most important day of the Democratic campaign. I know you’re planning to vote. And I hope you are encouraging friends and family to vote too.

The stakes are high. Gone are the tiny states, the caucuses, the wins in Florida and Michigan that didn’t "count."

On Tuesday, 22 states go to the polls. Millions of people coast to coast will make their choice.

This is Hillary’s time to shine. And every vote counts. Remind everyone you can that it’s not winner takes all. This is a fight district by district to add up enough delegates to win.

EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT. The bigger Hillary wins in each local district, the closer she gets to the nomination. She needs your vote.

And we need Hillary as our nominee. Hillary is the one who can beat front runner, John McCain.

If any proof was needed, just think about The Snub. One thing we know about Hillary – she never turns her back on the challenges she faces.

Whether the going is easy or the problems are tough, she’s got the strength and experience to face the future – head on.

That’s why she’ll win. That’s why we need her as our next president

Thanks, Fred

PS… If you haven’t already maxed out, show your support for Hillary by making a contribution online at: [link]. And if you live on the West Side of Manhattan, when you vote for Hillary, you’ll be voting for me as a delegate to help nominate her in Denver this summer. Thanks again, Fred

Moving Heaven and Earth for Hillary on Super Tuesday