Obama Calls Sharpton, No Clinton Talk

Barack Obama kept the truce with Hillary Clinton intact when he called into Al Sharpton’s radio show just now. In fact, during the approximately six minute interview the Illinois senator spoke about economic issues and didn’t mention Clinton.

In introducing Obama, Sharpton—who hasn’t endorsed a candidate yet—said, “I have developed a very good working relationship with him. He and I do things differently, we play different roles. We’ve gained a respect for each other during this process, I certainly respect what he’s trying to do.”

Obama reiterated his position that most millionaires pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries, and said he wants to “restore that sense of balance that’s been missing from our economic policies. And it’s going to get worse right now. As you know, we got a recession. And when America gets a cold, black America gets pneumonia.”

Sharpton basically agreed with what he said and thanked him for coming on the show.

Obama said, "All right brother. I appreciate it."

"Keepin it real. Al Sharpton," said Sharpton before going to the commercial break. Obama Calls Sharpton, No Clinton Talk