Pataki People for McCain, Johnny Damon for Giuliani

Many John McCain supporters in New York State are George Pataki people. [Liz]

Phil Anderson wants to know what State Senator Connor, Assemblyman Lentol and Councilman Yassy are going to do about sudden mass eviction of his building in Williamsburg last night. [The Albany Project]

A new David Yassky proposal would fine owners of vacant property, which one blogger thinks is a sneaky way to spur development. [Queens Crap]

Rudy Giuliani isn’t such a big hit in inland Florida. [Q: The Florida Politics Blog]

A Barack Obama mailer in South Carolina announces he’s a “Committed Christian.” [Ben]

Congressman Pastor of Arizona endorses Hillary Clinton. [Arizona Republic]

Bob Novak writes that the Republican establishment is slowly congealing around McCain and writes, “Even the GOP elders seem ready to grit their teeth and go along.” [RCL]

Sort of like Bill Kristol, who writes that McCain is not at all modern, but exhibits, “amazingly, a neo-Victorian straightforwardness might also turn out to be strategically smart.” [NY Times]

Mitt Romney quotes from the song “Who let the dogs out?” And there’s video. [CBS News]

McCain tells Cuban-Americans in Florida, “I understand Cuba.” [The Swamp]

Jim Clyburn thinks Bill Clinton just needs to “chill a little bit.” [CNN]

And Johnny Damon, stumping in Florida for Giuliani, says, "Rudy has done such a great job for New York. After the terrorism, he stepped up and he made New York closer, he made America closer and he’s gonna make this country a better place." [Spin Cycle] Pataki People for McCain, Johnny Damon for Giuliani