Polls: Mich., S.C. Surveys Conflict

John McCain gets 27 percent to Mike Huckabee’s 24 percent in a statistical tie for G.O.P. frontrunner in South Carolina. [Rasmussen]

Huckabee leads McCain 33-21 and Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 30-33 in South Carolina. [Insider Advantage]

Rudy Giuliani holds his lead in Florida with 24 percent, while Huckabee and McCain are tied for second place with 19 percent. Clinton also holds her lead over Obama, 40-32. [Insider Advantage] [same link]

Huckabee and Mitt Romney are neck and neck in Michigan. McCain is behind, but still within the margin of error. [Rossman Group/MIRS/Denno-Noor]

McCain leads Romney 29 to 20 percent in Michigan, with Huckabee taking 18 percent. [Strategic Vision]


Polls: Mich., S.C. Surveys Conflict