Polls: Michigan Very Very Close, McCain Way Up Nationally

John McCain and Mitt Romney are tied in Michigan, with Mike Huckabee trailing. [ARG]

McCain and Romney are in a statistical tie in Michigan, with Huckabee’s third place fairly distant. [Reuters/S-SPAN/Zogby]

McCain beats both top Democrats in a national head-to-head contest, but both Obama and Clinton beat Huckabee. [Gallup/USA Today]

McCain leads Huckabee 28-19 in South Carolina, with Romney and Fred Thompson coming in at 17 and 16 percents. Obama has a small lead over Clinton. [Rasmussen]

Giuliani is back up in Florida, although still slightly behind McCain for a statistical tie. Clinton leads strongly. [Survey USA]

McCain leads Giuliani 29-25 in New Jersey. Clinton still leads Obama, but by a smaller margin at 42-30. [Monmouth University]

McCain has a small lead over Giuliani in California, where Clinton still leads Obama 50-35. [Survey USA]

In a head to head contest in Missouri, Hillary Clinton beats Rudy Giuliani or Romney, but both McCain and Huckabee beat her. Barack Obama’s numbers show the same results in match-ups with Republicans. [Survey USA]

Polls: Michigan Very Very Close, McCain Way Up Nationally