Reject Nasty Campaigning

I have yet to decide who I will be supporting in the Republican Presidential primary. When I do decide, however, it will be based on what the candidates have laid out for the future: how they plan to get Washington working again, what they will do about the economy, the war, immigration. It will not be based on third party allegation about what they really stand for or what they really did twenty or thirty years ago.

The attack campaign that is now underway in South Carolina against John McCain is the worst of American politics. Rather than looking at his very public record of service in the Senate and his statements over the course of the campaign, fellow Republicans are distorting his record on every level. The use of push polls, independent expenditures and outrageous twisting of the facts must stop. If it doesn’t, whomever is the nominee will be so damaged that they won’t stand a chance in the general election.

If voters stop responding to these claims, campaigns will be forced to change tactics. For the sake of our country and our political process, it¹s time for voters to reject nasty campaigning and emotion-laden rhetoric ­ we must demand real conversations on the issues. Reject Nasty Campaigning