Sander, Fossella, Murdoch, Obama

Eliot Sander, Executive Director and C.E.O. of the M.T.A., thinks his organization needs to have congestion pricing in order to grow. [Metro NY]

Barack Obama has two new ads going up in Nevada. [Barack Obama]

Josh Marshall wonders if Rupert Murdoch is turning on Rudy Giuliani. [TPM]

Yoda isn’t sure that the Michigan results did all that much to help Giuliani, depite what pundits are saying. [Room 8]

Marc Ambinder says it looks like the Clintons and the D.N.C. are on opposite sides of the controversy over caucus locations on the Vegas strip. The D.N.C. has filed to intervene. [Atlantic]

A group called Truth13 (from the 13th congressional district) is questioning Vito Fossella’s commitment to aiding constituents in the subprime crisis. [Daily Gotham]

Chuck Schumer makes some incredibly diplomatic statements about the presidential candidates. [Island Politics]

Bill Clinton says Obama is an “establishment” candidate. [Nevada Appeal]

Obama says Hillary Clinton might be organizing for Florida despite the pledge of both campaigns not to do so. [The Hill]

Ben is putting out most of the flames on an Obama/abortion story that is surfacing again. [Politico]

Over at a certain liberal blog, someone is taking credit for the Romney win in Michigan. [Daily Kos]

Al Franken is live. [Duluth Journal]

Sander, Fossella, Murdoch, Obama