Schwarzkopf, Rendell, D’Amato, Yassky

General Norman Schwarzkopf endorses John McCain. [The Hill]

Ed Rendell endorses Clinton. [The Swamp]

Tomorrow David Yassky will introduce a bill to require the city’s heating oil to be part biodiesel. [Brownstoner]

McCain does a split economy-security ad. [YouTube

Mitt Romney thinks that ad shows McCain changing positions on the economy. [Q Blog

Did U.F.T. neglect to fight the program in city schools that evaluates teachers based on test scores? [Education Notes Online]

Alnfonse D’Amato jumps from the Fred Thompson ship to John McCain. [Liz]

Obama writes an op-ed for an influential paper in Kenya. [Daily Nation]

Robert Harding thinks the P.B.A. paying union members to show up to rallies sounds wrong. [The Albany Project

Hillary brings up that whole Republican “party of ideas” thing again in a negative radio ad. [Ben]

She also has two new T.V. ads. [Spin Cycle]

McCain seeks D.C. money—and lots of it. [Jonathan Martin]

Some employee shakeup at the State Board of Elections. [Capitol Confidential

And Beth Reinhard and Marc Caputo wonder, where will all the Fred Heads go? [Miami Herald

Schwarzkopf, Rendell, D’Amato, Yassky