Scientologists Hack Random Web Site, Unicorns Exist

Today brings some added conspiracy surrounding the all-too-infamous Tom Cruise Scientology video. A recent item published on, the Athens Banner-Herald’s official Web site, claims that after local satirist and TV producer Waco O’Guin posted his own spoof of the Cruise clip, his Web site was hacked.

After the comedian and his co-producer put up the video last Friday, bitter e-mails apparently began to pour in. Then, on Monday morning, Mr. O’Guin was reportedly jarred from slumber by friends who called to tell him that his site was down. “Someone hacked into the site, and all of our files had been deleted,” he told the Athens paper. That’s not all—when visitors went to the Web site, they were, he said, greeted by the message: “Seek the fundamental truth.”

Three possibilities to consider:

A) Mr. O’Guin’s allegations are legitimate.

B) Mr. O’Guin is suffering from the same overwhelming paranoia that afflicted tragic artists Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan.

C) Mr. O’Guin wants to ride the Cruise-video press wave till he hits sand. Scientologists Hack Random Web Site, Unicorns Exist