The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

Noted debtor Harry Macklowe strikes a tentative deal with creditor Deutsche Bank over the seven Manhattan office buildings he bought last year. [WSJ]

There are few things more annoying to New Yorkers than fanny-pack-wielding tourists, but the recent request from Bleecker Street residents that Grey Line tour buses observe five minutes of silence while passing through the block might just be one of them. [Curbed]

More than four decades ago, a New York Times story about a robbery in Queens sparked urban legends, a sociological theory, and, worst of all, it gave New Yorkers a really bad rep. Now, it might not have even been true. [Wonkster]

The Transportation Security Administration has started a blog. God only knows why they would open themselves up to anymore venting from disgruntled travelers. [Buzz Feed]

NYU plans to expand its campus to downtown Brooklyn in a move possibly tied to its merger with Polytechnic. [Brownstoner]

First the writers’ strike, now this? The Union Rat descends on the Players’ Club in Gramercy Park. The hits just keep on coming in the entertainment industry. [Daily Intelligencer]

Say goodbye to old-fashioned dollhouses. Little New Yorkers now get to build their own plexiglas condos. At $350 a pop, the toy condo’s sell for about $130 per square foot. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

"Rock Around the Block": A tour of New York’s music scene, past and present. [NY Times]

The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday