The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

To placate critics of its 6 million-square-foot expansion plan, NYU met with Greenwich Village community groups Wednesday and pledged (among other things) to "emphasize contextual development." Will Columbia follow suit? [Curbed]

And NYU wants to build a campus on Governors Island. [TRD]

"Slum Tourism":Travel to destinations like a South African township, a Brazilian favela, an Indian shanty town and Harlem? [Buzz Feed]

Peter Luger steak sauce, pastrami sandwiches, and 42 pounds of rugelah are among the foods at stake in Mayor Bloomberg’s bet with his Boston counterpart on the outcome of the Super Bowl. Wouldn’t it be funnier if the loser had to eat their wager instead? [Gothamist]

Phew! Low-mercury tuna loin to hit restaurants next month. [Grub Street]

More than 50 years ago, when the original 99 Church Street was built, developers said it too would revitalize the Financial District. Will Larry Silverstein’s tower succeed where its predecessor failed? [City Room]

Buy an unlocked I-phone in Chinatown. [Gridskipper]

New York’s new robotic pet shop. [Rare Daily]

The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday