The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

A law changed last month will allow co-ops to increase rent they charge commercial tenants. [NY Times]

The Hunt: After two decades on the Upper East Side, newly widowed woman eyes DUMBO. [NY Times]

Columbia woos NYU law professor with a lavish Upper West Side apartment. [NY Times]

The average price of a townhouse rose 19 percent in Manhattan last year to $5.15 million. [NY Times]

Developer of 25 Bond Street puts two ground floor apartments on the market for $9 million each. [NY Times]

To turn a profit, developers squeeze alot of building into a little space. [NY Times]

Habitats: An idiosyncratic gem 100 yards from the Gowanus Canal. [NY Times]

Neighboring rival record stores in Harlem go the way of vinyl. [NY Times]

An illegal matzo factory discovered in pricey Brooklyn condominium. [NY Post]

Top official at Department of Buildings has no engineering license. [NY Post]

Senator Bruno gets comped at Sheraton two months before its parent company becomes front-runner in Albany hotel contract. [NY Sun]

In the next year, two dozen New York city neighborhoods could become safer for older pedestrians. [NY Sun] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday