The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Houses of worship struggle against years of neglect and acquisitive developers. [NY Times]

The Hunt: Finding an apartment when you don’t know where you’re going to work. [NY Times]

Commuting: The ferocity and the fun. [NY Times]

Brokers serving "truly rich" New Yorkers lament the lack of "trophy apartments in trophy buildings". [NY Times]

Streetscapes: Former stables on West 18th Street are now home to 60,000 square-feet of party space. [NY Times]

The subprime mortgage crisis and a spate of overdevelopment threaten the recovery of Far Rockaway, Queens. [NY Times]

Web sites offer potential buyers a glimpse of unbuilt homes. [NY Times]

Should a Park Slope beer tavern open without beer? [NY Times]

East Village residents protest private developers’ bids for Pier 40 project. [NY Post]

Forest City Ratner admits it is having problems raising money for $4 billion Atlantic Yards Project. [NY Post]

MTA looking at proposals for new payment system to replace Metrocard. [NY Post]

Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights had highest rate of subprime mortgage foreclosures in the state last October. [NYDN]

Sheldon Solow’s proposal for a $4 billion residential development near the UN faces panel vote today. [NY Sun]

MTA will reassess plans for Fulton Street transit center. [NY Sun]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday