The Bloomberg '08 P.R. Balancing Act

So here’s a great example of the elegantly compartmentalized P.R. strategy being employed on Michael Bloomberg’s behalf, where the official, earnestly delivered line out of the City Hall press office is that it’s New York-centric business as usual, even as the likes of Kevin Sheekey and Doug Schoen drop ever-stronger hints that it’s not.

During an appearance by Bloomberg’s spokesman Stu Loeser last night on NY1, the subject turned from the mayor’s State of the City speech to the ever-present presidential rumors, as host Rita Nissan pointed out that Schoen had told the L.A. Times that national polling is being done and “also, one of the mayor’s top aides confirmed to us that polling is going on to test voter sentiment across the country.”

“Is polling happening?” she asked.

Loeser responded, “You’ll have to ask Doug about what Doug said and you’re going to have to ask whoever your sources [are] about that. The mayor is completely focused on governing the city and that’s what we saw in today’s speech.”

Depends, I suppose, on what your definition of “completely focused” is.

The Bloomberg '08 P.R. Balancing Act