The Bloomberg Trend and the Undecideds

Michael Bloomberg is going to the expense of conducting national polls, but a reader suggested that the fiscally conservative mayor could save by having an intern collect all the polls that have already been conducted on Bloomberg ’08.

So that’s basically what we have here. Above is a chart that reader, Brian Ziff-Levine, created, using national polling figures (found here) that test Michael Bloomberg in a hypothetical three-way race with Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

Ziff-Levine, a consultant with Whitman Insight Strategies, also emailed this analysis:

“I’d say what’s most interesting is that Bloomberg’s trend, while only
very slightly upturned, hews very closely to that of the undecideds.
This makes me think that perhaps some of the undecideds were holding out
for him to enter the race, and it will be interesting to look at that
number if and when he finally does enter.”
The Bloomberg Trend and the Undecideds