The Fastest Press Release in Albany

Pointless Finding of the Day: The race to react to Eliot Spitzer’s State of the State speech, which began in Albany yesterday at 1 p.m., went to Clarissa Wertman, press person for the N.Y.S. Commission on Higher Education, whose email landed in reporters’ in-boxes at 1:35.

Highlights included the following line, from State Senator Liz Kruger [4:48]: "I can live with his proposal being a hundred million short of my goals."

Here’s how some of the others finished:

Hunter Rawlings, Chairman
N.Y.S. Commission on Higher Education
“This is exactly the kind of focus we need to excel in the 21st century.”

Sarah Ludwig, Executive Director
Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project
“We strongly support state legislation, as the Governor outlined today, which would require lenders to verify affordability of all loans before they are made.”

Patrick A. Mannion, President and CEO
Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company
“He is visionary and bold in his support of higher education as an economic engine.”

State Senator Jeff Klein
“I am grateful that we have a leader like Governor Spitzer at the helm, someone who recognizes the escalating crisis to which many in the Legislature remain blind.”

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried
“Governor Spitzer today reaffirmed his strong commitment to universal health care.”

Emma Jordan-Simpson, Executive Director
The Children’s Defense Fund-New York
“Despite the federal government’s refusal to support children’s health coverage, Governor Spitzer is doing what is morally right – working to ensure that every child in New York has health coverage.”

State Senator Andrew Lanza, with the G.O.P. Official Response
“I hope he is sincere, and that we will be able to work together and
address the priorities that really matter to people.”

Janice L. Charles, Executive Director, North Country Children’s Clinic
“Governor Spitzer’s ‘Doctors Across New York’ is the right program!”

Dr. Harold Varmus, Member
Empire State Stem Cell Board
"Governor Spitzer and Lt. Governor Paterson should be congratulated
for putting New York State among the small vanguard of states that
support a broad and generously financed approach to stem cell

Rockland County Legislative Chairwoman Harriet Cornell
“Governor Spitzer laid out a bold agenda aimed at improving the lives of all New Yorkers.”

Leonard E. Sienko, Jr., Representative,
United University Professions on the SUNY Delhi campus
“"I’m very encouraged by Gov, Spitzer’s vision for higher education.”

Sandra A. Parker, president and CEO of the Rochester Business Alliance
“We thank Gov. Spitzer for his leadership on this project, and hope this – and his announcement of $1 billion in new investment in Upstate – is just the beginning of what is in store for our region under his leadership.”

Statement from Albany County Executive Mike Breslin
“I look forward to working with Governor Spitzer in the future months to turn these visions into a reality.”

Mayor Matt Ryan
Binghamton, N.Y.
“Governor Spitzer’s address showed that he is dedicated to strengthening the entire state of New York, including Upstate.”

Dr. James A. Williams, Buffalo Schools Superintendent
“I applaud our ‘Education Governor’ in his drive to increase accountability for school districts across the State.”

Joseph L. Kennedy, SUNY Canton President
“I encourage our state legislators to work with the governor to bring these important initiatives to fruition.”

State Senator Liz Krueger
“I can live with his proposal being a hundred million short of my goals.”

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, Assembly Republican Leader
“Today we heard some lofty rhetoric, but we don’t need more words – we need a healthy dose of reality.”

Joanne Cunningham, President
Home Care Association of New York State
“More specifics are needed on the Governor’s plans for Medicaid before HCA can fully assess the impacts of his proposals on home care providers and patients, and the health care system overall.”

Michael Whiteman, Chairman
Committee for an Independent Public Defense Commission
“We urge him now to include in his forthcoming Executive Budget $6million in start-up money to create the Independent Public Defense Commission to begin the process he has already endorsed.”

State Senator Jose Serrano
"This Governor inspires confidence in his ability to gauge what this state needs, and how we’re going to get there,"

Assemblywoman Ellen Young
“The governor is on the right track in building off the successes of last year’s record high education funding.”

Mayor John Tonello
Elmira, N.Y.
"The governor’s vision is clear and his aim is true.”

The Fastest Press Release in Albany