The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama unload their oppo research during last night’s debate.

Obama is no J.F.K., writes Ted Widmer in Washington Monthly.

Charlie Rangel has been doing his part for Clinton.

Get ready for Rangel’s economic plan.

While mayor, Rudy Giuliani lashed out at critics and opponents.

Al D’Amato, who had been supporting Fred Thompson, will now endorse John McCain.

Ralph Nader is muttering about another run.

Josh Gerstein wonders how to count delegates.

Despite a $4.4 billion budget gap, Eliot Spitzer will propose increasing spending by about five percent, reports Ken Lovett.

Spitzer will propose raising a tax on private health maintenance organizations, reports Jacob Gershman.

Republicans want more school aid on Long Island.

Al Sharpton was nice to Michael Bloomberg yesterday.

So far, Bloomberg’s name isn’t on the ballot in Vermont.

McCain is a suicidal choice for Republicans, because on every issue other than the war, he stands for capitulation to the left,” writes Robert Tracinski.

It seems awfully personal,” writes Eugene Robinson of Bill Clinton’s attacks on Obama.

Matthew Continetti recalls a previous outburst by Bill Clinton on Fox News: “No journalist, to my knowledge, has since asked Mr. Clinton about his efforts against Al Qaeda.

Errol Louis says the winners of last night’s Democratic debate were the Republicans.

Bill Hammond wants some straight talk from Spitzer on his budget.

The New York Times editorial board doesn’t like Spitzer’s plan to name a bridge after Robert F. Kennedy.

The Daily News doesn’t believe in the winner-take-all rules for allotting delegates among Republicans.

The New York Post picks up on Steven Malanga’s analysis of the tension between black and Hispanic communities.

The New York Post editorial board writes Obama should be able to “handle a garden-variety Clinton tag-team slap-down without going all whiny."

Get ready for calorie counting in New York City.

And Natalie Angier looks at some real political animals. The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 22, 2008