The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Michael Bloomberg said yesterday in Albany that he is asking the legislature to restore at least part of the the

Michael Bloomberg said yesterday in Albany that he is asking the legislature to restore at least part of the the $500 million in state aide because "we’ve made budget decisions in the city based on the expectation, and even the expressed assurances, that Albany will honor its commitments."

The Columbia Spectator has a piece on Bloomberg’s possible presidential run that quotes a number of people who doubt it will happen.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a column about how neither Rudy Giuliani, nor Bloomberg, nor any other N.Y.C. mayor will ever be president.

Eliot Spitzer is trying to persuade the Business Council to support his budget.

Spitzer is being sued for not collecting taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers.

The AP has more on this story about the battle for over the Republican primary ballot in New York State.

Frank James of the Chicago Tribune writes that the biggest news at the State of the Union speech last night was that "Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech."

Unnamed sources say Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama was sparked by anger over the racial tension that surrounded the South Carolina primary.

Alan Feurer finds people in Harlem don’t seem that upset with Bill Clinton’s comments about Barack Obama.

Because “Obama focused on fielding full delegate slates in all 29 Congressional districts” in New York State, writes Sam Roberts, “his campaign had less time to register young people and blacks, who have voted for him disproportionately in earlier primaries.”

Bob Kapstatter looks at the Bronx borough president race (also–don’t miss his picture of Jose Rivera and Vito Lopez).

Democrat Dan Maffei shows off union support and hopes other Democrats won’t choose to run for Jim Walsh’s congressional seat upstate.

Republican State Senator Mary Lou Rath’s retirement is setting off a rush in the race to replace her.

Karl Rove will not give the commencement speech at an elite boarding school, as planned.

During the State of the Union "Viewers on Monday were treated to a rare look at three dynasties working out their psychodramas at once," writes Alessandra Stanley.

And the Clintons aren’t cutting ties with billionaire Ron Burkle after all. The Morning Read: Tuesday, January 29, 2008